Your motorcycles will be stocked with care at our warehouse until the time of loading to the container for shipping.

While the motorcycles are placing at our warehouse, we’ll do some chores.
-Packing motorcycles.
-Listing VIN and Engine number.
-Removing parts if necessary.

To the packing motorcycles and the loading them into the container.
Motorcycles will be packed by blue plastic sticky tape to be protected by scratches and minor damages on its body.
In the container, motorcycles will be loaded in tight to make more space to load as many as possible.
Side mirrors, indicators, foot pegs, mufflers and cowls may be removed from motorcycles for avoiding any case of damages.
The removed parts will be packed separately and be loaded to same container as motorcycles.
Between motorcycles, we put tight thick cushions which absorb shocks and shakes by transportation.

How many units can be loaded in the container?
It depends on the size of motorcycles.
If all off-road motorcycles and make two floors inside of container, we can load 30units in 20FT and 60units in 40FT.
Mixed models, normally we load around 25units in 20FT and around 50units in 40FT.